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Co-development & Technology Transfers

Aspire invitees partners with advanced technical capabilities interested in sourcing , offering or jointly developing formulations, active ingredients and delivery systems or non-infringing / innovative manufacturing processess which are cost effective and patient compliant for global markets.


Aspires helps build “molecules into brands.” Aspire works with our partners strategically and programmatically, to accelerate, expand and extend the product life cycles of ethical drugs. Aspire has developed considerable brand marketing experience in diverse markets through its portfolio of branded generics. We focus on new generations of of active ingredients for our formulation thereby ascending the value chain in the marketing and ultimately increase revenues from the sales of our products.

Aspire welcomes co-marketing agreements with partners having strong presence and marketing expertise in specific therapy segments for products indigenously developed through stringent processes and advanced technical expertise.

Contract Manufacturing

Aspire develops and manufactures formulations that are marketed by its business partners under their own trademarks and brand names. Often, we have more than one partner marketing the same product under their independent trademarks manufactured by us.

Aspire seeks long term contract manufacturing agreements with leading healthcare companies for its products. Aspire ensures its partners for consistent quality of products and scheduled on time delivery in compliant manufacturing site. We also support our partners with technical data of our products for their branding and marketing activities.

In – Licensing

We look at partnering and collaborating as an important strategic approach that will complement our growth in India and international markets. We seek to strengthen our presence, with a complete basket of speciality products for Indian market.

We are currently interested in in-licensing formulations , active ingredients & medical devices that are already marketed or are in late stage clinical development in key therapy areas. We seek pharmaceutical, nutraceutical as well as Biosmiliar products that leverage our core strengths and complement our product portfolio chornic & speciality therapy areas like Cardiology, Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Respiratory disorders, Oncology etc.

We seek to establish a long term, mutually rewarding relationship based on exclusive marketing rights business model as well as strategic alliances necessary for regulatory approvals.

Out – Licensing

Our formulation development expertise enables us to develop complex generic products which are bioequivalent, sustained release oral dosage forms and novel drug delivery systems. We offer a range of dosage forms for oral, injectable& topical routes.

We seek out-licensing opportunities for our speciality generics, super generics, and bulk drugs. We can provide customised documentation , dossiers and technical details for products for regulatory approvals for diverse geographical markets.

Concept to Product

Today globally, we constantly seek better healthcare for new disorders and efficient treatment of existing ones hence there is continuous research & development for better healthcare products .Aspire recognizes this need of the hour through Concept development to Product commercialsation wherein we conceptualize novel product, identify sources and complete necessary regulatory requirements to manufacture the product and offer it to our partners as finished formulation ready to market in Indian and international markets.

As a leading innovation-driven company, Aspire is developing a growing portfolio of niche pharmaceutical finished dosage form along with new drug delivery system in oral, topical, injectable routes of administration. Aspire welcomes proposal for customization of products with specific formulations and packaging from leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.